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Fire Safety Training and Emergency Planning is a legal requirement for all staff under the Health and Safety Act, 2005, Regulations 2007-2020 and the Fire Safety Act 1981 (2003)

My fire safety awareness program is designed for new and existing staff who require training or refresher training. It will enable your staff understand the importance of manage fire in the workplace and what to do in the event of a real fire emergency. You can rest assured your staff will have the right skills and knowledge to reduce any potential risk of a fire and also know how to deal with a fire should one arise.

  • Prices start as little as €25

  • Duration: Allow 1 hours

  • Certification: 3 Years

  • Max Students: Individual or groups up to 12 per live onsite course

  • Flexible delivery options: Instructor led live online (Appointment only) or Self Paced E-learning

  • Theory test and a live Practical assessment via Google Meets

  • Group Discounts Given


Course Content;

  • Introduction to fire safety: This section will discuss the definition of fire safety, the different types of fires, and the causes of fires.

  • Introductions to legislation: This section will cover the health and safety act, fire act and duties of the employees and employers by law

  • Fire prevention: This section will discuss how to prevent fires, including fire safety planning, fire prevention inspections, and fire safety procedures.

  • Fire response: This section will discuss how to respond safely in the event of a fire, including fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and evacuation procedures.

  • Fire hazards: This section will discuss the different types of fire hazards and how to identify and control them.

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