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Charity Partners 

I have dedicated many years of my career to volunteering, working with various CFR groups and search and rescue teams throughout Ireland. Through my own experiences, I have seen, first hand the benefits of being selected as a charity partner by major international organisations. While my own business may not be on that scale yet, I knew my training and skills is something I could give to  local charity's. I have dedicated this page to the work of those who selflessly give to other while putting their own lives on hold to better their local community.
Please reach out and support them in any way you can.



The Hub Midleton, provides support and mental health service to our communities more vulnerable. They are currently going through a major renovation and restructure of the entire organisation. Outside of the serious work they do they also host a number of classes from sewing, language classes guitar classes and more. 
If you can donate of give to them in any way please reach out to them directly or through myself. 
Phone: 0858647959

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