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Fire Safety training and emergency planning is a legal requirement for all staff under the Health and Safety Act, 2005, Regulations 2007-2020 and the Fire Safety Act 1981 (2003). Its a legal obligation to have enough fire wardens on site to cover illness, holidays and absences.

My fire warden  program is designed for senior staff, management and owners. It will enable the participants understand the importance of managing the day to day fire safety requirements but also how to manage a real fire emergency in the workplace. Fire warden training will be in-depth and is only the start of your journey as a fire warden but don't worry I will assist you even after you have completed the course. 

Due to the amount of theory in this course its best to only deliver this course in a live onsite ro live online to get across the importance of the material covered.

  • Prices start as little as €35

  • Duration: Allow 3 hours

  • Certification: 3 Years

  • Max Students: Individuals or groups up to 12

  • Delivery Method:  Live online ONLY

  • Theory test and a live Practical assessment

  • Group Discounts given

Course Content:

The basic principles of fire, including how fires start and spread.

  • The different classes of fire and the types of fire extinguishers that can be used to extinguish them.

  • The importance of fire prevention and how to identify and eliminate fire hazards.

  • The day to day fire prevention checks

  • Fire risk assessments and risk reduction

  • The role of a fire warden and their responsibilities in the event of a fire.

  • The procedures for evacuating a building in a fire emergency.

  • The relevant fire safety legislation and regulations.

  • Contacting and liaising with the emergency services

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