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First Aid Training

At Edwin O Sullivan Training Solutions, I offer a number of high quality first aid training programs that will provide you the skills and knowledge in administer live saving first aid in an emergency situation. At any stage we can be thrown into a situation where a loved one or passer by may require life saving interventions while awaiting the emergency services

Who should attend?

The short answer is everyone!! First aid is one of the crucial interventions in the chain to survival. Weather you are a school, club, organisation,a business, remote working or a family member looking to understand basic first aid then First Aid Training is for you. Additionally for business owners it a legal requirement to have trained F.A.R responders on site at all time under Chapter 2 of Part 7 of the General Applications Regulations 2007.

Are the courses Certified?

Our First Aid Responder and Cardiac First Responder (Community level) courses are certified through the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC), who oversee the standards and quality of the courses being delivered across Ireland. These courses are certified for 2 years.

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