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Basic First Aid 

About this course:

This comprehensive Basic First Aid Course, is designed to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively respond to emergency situations while awaiting professional medical assistance. Tailored for staff members and managers this course complements your onsite First Aiders Responder (FAR) and empowers participants to recognise, manage and assist in a wide range of first aid emergencies. This course can be tailored to your industry needs and includes real life scenarios, that your staff could be faced with during their working day.

Coming from a Military and Search and Rescue background with years experience, I believe there is no substitute for real world scenario based training. Immersing trainees into dynamic and complex situations gives them a greater understanding of what can be expected of them in a real life emergency and creates a stronger and more proactive team.

This course can be tailored made to cover:

  • Scene Management

  • Activating 999/112, Emergency Services 

  • Personal Safety and Infection Control

  • Critical Incident Stress Management

  • Cardiac Emergencies

  • AED Training 

  • Adult & Child C.P.R

  • Burns & Burn Care

  • Foreign Body Obstructed Airway (Choking)

  • Common Medical Emergencies

  • Wounds & Bleeding

  • Fractures & Soft Tissue Injuries

Duration and numbers:

  • ​ A full day 

  • Max number of participants: 10 


  • Price can start as low as €150 PP. 

  • For businesses looking to block book a course, please contact me directly  

Certification two options:

  • Options 1: Certificate of Attendance (8 hours)  Basic First Aid  from Edwin O' Sullivan Training Solutions  

  • Option 2 PHECC Cardiac First Responder Certificate & Certificate of Attendance (4 hours)  Basic First Aid  from Edwin O' Sullivan Training Solutions 

  • Both certs are valid for 2 years.

Bookings and Enquiries: 

To book a place on a course click on "Book Now" down below to see a selection of upcoming dates

Or to make an enquiry call 0876772847 or Email Me Today
T&C's Apply.

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