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P.A.T. Testing Service 

Providing fully compliant and cost effective testing for your business

 I am delighted to offer this new service to my clients to safeguard your employees workplace from electrical hazards. We will conduct reliable and high quality visual inspections and electrical  testing for a wide range of appliances, prioritising your safety above all else. With us, you'll experience minimal disruption, compliance assurance, and detailed reports for your peace of mind. My comprehensive PAT testing service will keep your electrical equipment in check and your environment safe"

  • What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?
    PAT is a process of inspecting and testing electrical appliances to ensure they are safe for use. It involves a series of tests and checks to identify potential hazards.
  • Is PAT testing a legal requirement?
    In Ireland It is a legal requirement under the Safety Health and Welfare Act General application Regulation 2007 (S.I. No. 599). In complete regulator Pat Testing you will enhance the companies safety culture, protect employees and visitors and reduce the possibility of an appliance fire With more and more insurance companies insisting on PAT Testing certification it may help your position when renewing your policy
  • What are PAT testing reports and certificates?
    PAT testing generates reports and certificates that detail the results of the testing process. These documents provide a record of the equipment tested, any faults found, and actions taken. Under the Health and Safety Act these reports must be kept for 5 Years. After completing my PAT testing you will receive a complete and detailed report of all the finding including any failures.
  • What is a portable device?
    In relation to PAT Testing a portable device is considered to be any device with a lead and socket to use. Items range from laptops, PC's CCTV, printers, kettles, toasters, monitors, fridges, microwaves, projectors, powertools, extension leads, heaters, chargers to name but a few.
  • Why should I perform PAT testing?
    PAT testing helps ensure the safety of electrical appliances, preventing accidents, fires, and injuries caused by faulty equipment. It also demonstrates your commitment to safety in the workplace. In order to protect your employees, visitors and your business it is vital to ensure your electrical equipment is working within its safe parameters and carries the official CE mark. In a recent Court case in May 2023 a cleaner was awarded €43,000 after receiving an electric shock while working as a cleaner.
  • Who is responsible for PAT testing in a workplace?
    The responsibility for PAT testing typically falls on employers and business owners to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. This is covered under the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 under the Duties of the Employer.
  • How often should PAT testing be conducted?
    The frequency of PAT testing depends on the type of equipment and its intended use. Generally, it is recommended annually for most appliances, but high-risk items may require more frequent testing. while other items can be pushed out to 2 years depending on use and condition.
  • Can it be carried out during working hours?
    Yes PAT testing can be carried out during your normal working hours. It can be planned that all essential appliances can be tested at a quiet time. I aim to cause a little disruption to your normal working day as a possible. Also if you require an out of hours service, this can be provided also. Please contact me to discuss this option.

Reports & Certification


On completion you will receive a full detailed report on all portable devices tested. 




My PAT testing service is competitively priced with discounts available to new and existing customers. 



All testing will be carried out by a certified and trained technician to ensure the highest quality. 

Get in touch if you have any questions or 
require a PAT testing service.

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